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Indianapolis, IN, 46221


GO Express Travel Extended Shuttle operations.  This site is used to offer services which fall outside of our normal hours of operation, or areas of operation.


PEO International Chapter

About the Shuttle:

Welcome to the reservation page for the PEO Early Bird Shuttle.  If you have a flight before 8am on Sunday October 18th, this site will allow you to make a reservation for Airport Shuttle Service beginning as early as 3:49 AM.  The earliest bus arrives at the Indianapolis Airport Ground Transportation Center no later than 4:30AM.  The Early Bird Shuttle will follow the route described below, and will follow the schedule below.  Every half hour until 8am, the Early Bird Shuttle will be available during the times listed below, at the described locations.  Our normal Downtown Indy Airport shuttle begins service at 7:50 AM.  A link to reserve using our normally scheduled service hours (7:50am-11pm) is HERE


Please notice, you MUST make a reservation using this page in order to ride the early shuttle.  The cut off date for reservations is Oct. 4th 2015.  All reservations will need to be made by that point.

Again, all reservations for the Early Bird Shuttle will need to be made through this special site. 

You will receive an error message if you attempt to reserve the Early Bird Shuttle on our regular website (  Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated!

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Airport Shuttle Sign:

You will notice these signs indicating our bus stops around downtown Indy.  Please be at these locations a few minutes before your pick up time.  Pictured below is the view from our Convention Center pick up location (Stop number 2).  Also in the photo is one of our airport shuttles.  Notice the World Record Holding NCAA Final Four world's tallest bracket hung from the JW Marriott.